Cinia supplies TransTelecom high-performance telecommunication services

Company TransTelecom (TTK) offers as one of the largest Russian telecom companies, main player in sphere of data transit services for telecommunication operators and internet service providers in Russia, CIS and Asia. TTK operates a unique 76.000 km long fiber optical cable network along Russian Railways infrastructure and utilizes Cinia’s telecom network and fiber connections from the Finnish - Russian border to Frankfurt and London. Cinia C-Lion1 submarine cable built in 2016 from Helsinki to Rostock provides excellent performance, reliability and flexibility for TTK’s clients and own technological needs.

TTK serves both operators and other corporations, also in B2C segment. “Cinia C-Lion1 connection has offered us and our customers excellent performance. We provide our customers connections from data centers in China to Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Stockholm”, says Ilya Gudenko. “The need for telecom connections and capacity grows rapidly. We evaluate the performance of our connections carefully. Our customers are aware, that we work in close cooperation with our partner Cinia.”

TTK offers a full range of telecommunication services and maintains and develops the fiber network, federal DWDM, MPLS and voice networks, broadband access network in 240 Russian cities. TTK has more than 1,4 million b2c broadband customers and is also the system integrator for the Russian Railways.

“Our company is a subsidiary of the Russian Railways which is in fact the biggest employer globally. We have built fiber network alongside the very direct Russian railway lines. We constructed first Ultra Long Haul DWDM transit network in Russia with regeneration section length more then 3 500 km, that brings perfect latency of data transit between Europe and Asia, especially in couple with European route of Cinia. We offer services for the biggest telecom service providers in China for example, China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom. Our customers demand a robust connection for their telecom and data transmission services”, comments Gudenko. “We were impressed by Cinia C-Lion1 connection in spheres of latency and reliability.”

Cinia is a very nice partner and current leader in providing us high quality data transit services in every standard.” Ilya Gudenko, Head of Wholesale Development and Sales Support Division at TransTelecom.


Flexible and high-quality services

Cinia provides TTK high-performance telecom services for IP traffic and data transmission from Finnish-Russian border via Helsinki to Rostock and further to Frankfurt.

“We have a long history of close cooperation and open communication with TTK. They are known for producing high quality services”, says Partnership director Jaana Räty at Cinia. “Our customers appreciate the thoroughly executed end-to-end test from Asia to Europe for the new services. The partnership with TTK also includes Cinia dedicated technical and service management resources.“

Capacity demand has grown rapidly

TTK has five different connection routes from Asia to Europe. “The demand for data transmission capacity has increased dramatically by at least more than 100 times over the last 15 years to 4 terabytes at present”, underlines Gudenko. “We provide 10 gigabyte and 100 gigabyte protected channels for our clients.”

“The connection route, latency, performance, reliability and security are the most important parameters for our clients. We evaluate the capacity and performance of the connection. Cinia’s latency to Frankfurt is the best. Availability and reliability are among the top. Our connections are physically very safe and reliable”, says Gudenko.

“Cinia’s services and commercial terms are quite flexible. We can utilize connections with different performance levels for different services. All services do not require highest networking performance and speed”, says Gudenko. “We have not had severe reclamations because of Cinia. We look forward to have Cinia as one of our main partners in providing the connections from Asia to Frankfurt also in the future. We have large-scale development projects for example a plan to establish our own active fiber network to Frankfurt in the coming years and look with interest in Cinia`s participation in it.”