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Avelacom to set up a unique and superfast connection between Europe and Russia

News 15.4.2016

Cinia and a telecommunications service provider Avelacom have signed a contract to interconnect their networks. The deal will enable the Avelacom to increase their capacities, diversify routes and improve connectivity between major global markets.

Avelacom will use Cinia’s C-Lion1 cable between Finland and Germany to provide its business clients with both robust and low latency routes between Moscow and main European cities, including an even faster access to internet exchanges in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. C-Lion1’s capacities will also allow Avelacom to extend its portfolio of low latency offerings between Europe and Asia via Russia.

The project will be implemented in spring 2016 when Cinia’s international network to Germany including the C-Lion1 submarine connection is completed.

”The contract between Avelacom and Cinia demonstrates the significance of the new direct submarine connection between Finland and Western Europe.  Cinia is looking forward to broaden the cooperation with Avelacom in the future and to deliver more capacity services to the company and its clients,” says Cinia’s Partnership Director Jaana Räty.

”Avelacom focuses on servicing the finance and wholesale carrier services markets. Our partnership with Cinia and deployment of C-Lion1 cable will increase our capabilities to support latency-sensitive applications and meet the most sophisticated needs. Companies from other industries may also be encouraged to use alternative routes across Europe and Russia and benefit from improved connectivity,” says Aleksey Larichev, Avelacom’s Global Business Director.

About Cinia Group
Cinia Group creates intelligent connectivity solutions that make the world smaller and your business smarter.  We have over 10.000 km of own backbone and we are building international connectivity and sea cable connecting East and West.
With over 200 own professionals we design, build and operate nationally critical systems in open system environment serving many major traffic and energy distribution operators.  We have a strategic ambition to build and expand Cloud Backbone to fuel Single Digital Market in Europe and offer system solutions created for private and public sector customers.

About Avelacom
Avelacom is one of the fastest growing telecommunications providers of connectivity and infrastructure solutions tailored to different industries. Avelacom’s global own network is based on 100G coherent DWDM technology and covers Western Europe, Nordics, Baltics, Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia. It reaches more than 70 cities in over 40 countries. The company has offices in Moscow and London.

For more information, please contact:
Alina Karpichenko, Global marketing manager, +7 915 403 85 37,
For more information, please contact:
Jaana Räty, Partnership Director, +358 40 865 3312,