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New Cinia Group spreading its wings

News 6.11.2014

The coming New Year a new cloud services company Cinia Group is formed to better meet the challenges of the explosion in data traffic related services, and will help re-establish Finland as one of Europe’s data connectivity hub.

From the beginning of January 2015, Cinia Group will comprise three companies: Cinia Group Oy, Cinia One Oy and Cinia Cloud Oy. At the same time, operations of the state-owned company Corenet Oy will be transferred to Cinia Group.

The Group will be responsible for constructing a new high performance submarine cable connection between Finland and Central Europe. Project funding and contractor selection for the project are currently under way. Construction is due to be finished in early 2016.

This initiative is driven by the Finnish Government’s commitment to re-establish Finland among the leading data network and industrial Internet operators. It is supported by the development of fast, secure data networks and by the submarine cable project.

“The majority of applications used by consumers are currently delivered by cloud services”, said Ari-Jussi Knaapila, Cinia Group CEO, adding that enterprise solutions are increasingly moving in that direction as well. “We help our customers to access networks, and to develop and operate the cloud-centric services they increasingly demand.

Cloud service “inspiring”

“It is very inspiring”, Mr Knaapila declared, “to be part of this rapidly developing business segment”.

The Finnish Government has committed €20 million to fund the building of the new Central Europe cable, conditional on Cinia raising around similar amount from the private sector.

Commenting on the transfer of his company’s operations to Cinia Group, Corenet CEO Timo Cavén said: “Digitalization offers substantial development potential for a range of business sectors. The company’s heritage in the management of secure, business-critical solutions for demanding customers gives us a solid foundation to expand our services into industrial Internet and mobile services for a broader market.

“Our target customers are infrastructure operators, moving vehicle operators, and industry in Finland and beyond. Cinia’s new structure will give them exactly what they want.”

Further information

For more information and requests for interview with Ari-Jussi Knaapila, Chairman of the Board, Corenet Ltd, please contact:

Kyösti Knuuttila, manager, North Burson-Marsteller
Tel: +358 (0)50 5999 720

About Cinia Group

Cinia Group offers customized network services and sophisticated communications and telematics system solutions to meet demanding networking and communications needs.

Cinia operates a 10,000km fibre optic backbone network in Finland, with plans for an additional 3,000km land and submarine cable connection to Central Europe.

Cinia Group consists of the parent company Cinia Group Ltd and subsidiaries Cinia One Oy and Cinia Cloud Oy.