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Agility and efficiency to your business digitalization

Cinia helps its customers to succeed in various ways in the IT world that is increasingly rising to clouds. Cinia Lioncloud, accompanied by network and software services, offers a full-range service for digital business.

The advanced, safe and easy-to-use Lioncloud service gives you additional capacity, quickly and flexibly, for changing business needs.

Lioncloud offers you

  • a powerful platform for your applications
  • an opportunity to improve the availability and continuity of your IT environment
  • a quick and easy way to build a data centre, together with all of its services, in a cloud

By using Cinia's connection services, Lioncloud can be integrated into your IT environment so that data never passes through the Internet. Cinia's high-speed and high-quality connection services also help you to improve the availability of public cloud services and to build combination solutions that, in addition to your environment, utilise public clouds and the safe Lioncloud service.

Cinia's software services support you on your way to the cloud, and during different situations you encounter along the way. You can acquire your software solutions as turnkey or SaaS. Cinia's service promise can be extended all the way from networks to applications.

Cinia's cloud specialists help you in different phases and during changes, and you have access to the benefits offered by clouds more quickly. Cinia's cloud specialists and 24/7 service centre secure service availability and development, and you can focus on your key operations.