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Cloud is the enabling platform

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Virtual data centre and powerful application platform

Cinia Lioncloud enables the production of both traditional data centre services and modern software. Lioncloud helps you to easily and automatically implement the same services as in your own data centre. The Lioncloud service can be seamlessly integrated with your IT environment, if necessary, without ever having to transfer data across the Internet.

Advantages of Lioncloud

  • Quick and easy deployment – automatic processes
  • Flexible and cost-effective capacity scaling according to needs
  • Modern software-based virtual data centre
  • Virtual data centre deployed in 15 minutes
  • Cloud service as part of your data centre environment – decentralised IT functions
  • Powerful platform for agile application development
  • Finnish cloud service – you will always know where your data is located

A modern and secure cloud service

Cinia Lioncloud is an advanced and safe Virtual Private Cloud service with data security, performance, transparency and ease of use as its cornerstones. The Lioncloud service is produced exclusively from Finnish data centres with extremely high availability and strict security classifications. 

Lioncloud is a flexible capacity platform, allowing the production of all the same services as could be produced from a data centre controlled by the customer. Lioncloud combines the ability to provide the increasingly digital business with the speed and agility it needs with the high standard of data security required by critical infrastructures and functions.

The advanced features of Lioncloud enable different Virtual Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud implementations. Features include support for different workloads (Windows, Linux, Container), quick and cost-efficient storage capacity, as well as advanced SDN network properties. 

Easy to use

Lioncloud provides an advanced user interface that makes the provision of services easy and smooth. Services can also be introduced via interfaces so that Lioncloud can be integrated as part of your company's ITSM system, for example. The user interface also provides you with a real-time view of the availability of services and the invoicing situation.


Flexible and cost-effective

Service pricing is flexible and cost-effective. You can, for example, use the service one day at a time. The use of capacity can also be agreed upon for a longer period so that effects on costs can be optimised. Contractual customers can also even out their peak hours by using capacity flexibly. 

By using Cinia's network services, Lioncloud can be integrated into your company's network. This improves information security and speed, and ensures the high availability of services.

Cinia's network also enables seamless connections to other clouds. The Cinia cMatrix service helps you to better access services that are located, for example, in Amazon Web Services.

Cinia offers an end-to-end SLA level and 24/7 support services, matching the needs of each customer.

Cinia Lioncloud, accompanied by network and software services, offers a full-range service for digital business. 


A Powerful and Secure Disaster Recovery as Service Solution (DRaaS)

Cinia Disaster Recovery as a Service is a powerful and secure solution to customers requiring critical infrastructure availability and security. One of the core elements is VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director due to its easy integration to the existing Lioncloud infrastructure.

The implementation is the first in Europe. Lioncloud’s service layers are all powered by VMware while the holistic service provider platform and architecture is based on Fluentscale Service Delivery Platform, which is further developed and tailored by Cinia. Watch the video.

Customer case story

Finavia Oyj - Avia College

Cinia built together with Finavia the Aviatracker solution for Training and Competence Management as a Cloud Service. 

Finavia’s air traffic control is now called ANS Finland.

Lioncloud sales

Arttu Hakala
Cloud Sales Specialist
+358 40 542 4558
Kristian Nieminen
Director, Cloud Services
+358 50 377 7970
Timo Tuulinen
Sales Manager, Cloud Services
+358 50 316 1711