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Cinia cMatrix – a direct connection to public cloud services

More and more organisations are using public cloud services. Acquiring services from a cloud is an attractive thought in many ways. Usually, incentives are related to the cost-efficiency and flexibility of services. However, connection speeds may slow down the transition to cloud services, especially when it comes to latency-critical services. In general, the quality of cloud services is directly proportional to the reliability and speed of connections. Connections to public cloud services are typically made through the Internet, which presents separate challenges related to the high availability and latency of services.

Cinia cMatrix offers a solution to these challenges, as it provides customers with a separate connection to public cloud services, independent of the Internet. Unlike connections made through the Internet, the cMatrix service also includes monitored end-to-end connections and a service level guarantee. The service utilises Cinia's high-speed and geographically direct submarine cable from Finland to data centres in Central Europe, enabling low-latency connections.

Cloud services currently available through the cMatrix service are Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Softlayer and Oracle. It is also possible to link several service providers through a single physical connection.

Cinia also provides you with modern, flexible and safe private cloud services.

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Atte Sipilä
cMatrix Product Owner,
Sales Specialist
+358 40 512 4773

Cinia cMatrix in a nutshell

  • Access connection between the customer premises or network and public cloud services, redundant when necessary
  • Virtual cMatrix connections at different speeds (50 Mbps – 1 Gbps) to the locations of cloud service providers in Europe: Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Dublin, Paris
  • Unlimited data transfers
  • Service view and reporting (SLA).