Secure Cloud Ready Enterprise Network 

Cinia cVPN2 – Next Generation Secure Cloud Ready Enterprise Network 

Cinia cVPN² is a next generation enterprise network service based on the new SDWAN technology. The service includes the familiar features of the MPLS based network service but extends it with new opportunities provided by a software control (SDN) layer. With this hybrid solution, you are able to connect geographically separated LANs.

With the service, for example, the customer's offices LANs can be combined into one network entity that can be divided into one or more logical networks extended to all or desired sites and interfaces as required by the customer.

The subscriber connection includes fixed high SLA MPLS based interfaces, fixed or wireless Internet connections, or connections to cloud services or other third parties. The Cinia cVPN2Service reinforced with the other services Cinia provides.

Benefits of the Cinia cVPN2 Service

  • Integrates your offices, users, and services into one managed network entity
  • Encrypted connections increase cyber security
  • The same networks and services may also be extended to facilities located behind a fixed Internet or 4G connection, including abroad
  • Application awareness increases traffic visibility
  • API interfaces for external integrations
  • Possible to integrate private and public cloud services into a enterprise network using the Cinia cMatrix Service
  • Broadband service quickly scales to current and future capacity needs
  • The service package is customizable and adaptable to your business needs
  • Reliability is ensured by a number of technical methods of implementation and service
  • High SLA levels ensure the suitability of the service for critical business needs
  • For all Cinia services, a knowledgeable customer service is available 24/7 whenever you need it
  • Cinia’s experts help develop new business models that are enabled by the networks
  • Service is transparent as you can track service status, cases, and reports from the up-to-date Cinia Customer Portal

Cinia cVPN² Service Description

In the cVPN ² service, you create one or more logical networks (Overlay, VRF, L3VPN) that make up the customer's private business network. This logical network/networks can be extended to customer’s locations using different transport routes (Underlay, Transport). The transmission can be, for example, a Cinia’s MPLS Connection, when the service looks like a traditional MPLS, but with software control, includes additional new features to be deployed.

Technology enabled features include traffic routing through different transfer routes per application, local Internet routing, visibility to network traffic per application, or even integrating the AWS or Azure cloud services as part of the enterprise network.

In addition to the MPLS connection, the same networks and services can also be extended to an office via encrypted Internet or 4G/5G connectivity. In this case, all office sites become cost-effectively part of the enterprise network.

The cVPN2enterprise network service is managed and controlled by the Cinia’s centralized management components, which are produced from Cinia's own private service platform located in Finland.

Please contact

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Account Manager, Connectivity Services
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Business Manager, Connectivity Services
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