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Extend your reach with Cinia

In an ever more extensively networked world, data volumes are exploding. Enterprises need reliable connectivity and increased amount of bandwidth for their business critical solutions. Connectivity and cloud capacity have become critical determinants of growth for the Enterprises.

Cinia network builds on the newest technology and meets the capacity needs of the most demanding requirements set for the Enterprise networks. Cinia Northern Digital Highway through C-Lion1 subsea cable provides direct, high capacity connection from Finland to Germany with the lowest possible latency.

HELSINKI – FRANKFURT RTD (round trip delay) 19,7 ms

Cinian Northern Digital Highway is directly connected to the largest European network nodes in Hamburg and Frankfurt, where the world’s leading Internet exchange DE-CIX can be connected. Through partner networks Cinia’s network extends with direct connectivity to Amsterdam and London.

HELSINKI – LONDON RTD (round trip delay) 23,9 ms

Network interconnect points at the Finnish-Russian border enable connectivity between the Northern Digital Highway and the largest optical backbone network in Russia providing high capacity and low latency route between the eastern and western Europe all the way to Asia.

FRANKFURT - TOKYO RTD (round trip delay) 150 ms

HELSINKI - HONG KONG RTD (round trip delay) 132,8 ms


Together with seven Nordic carriers, Cinia forms Easy Fibre –consortium providing dark fiber throughout the Nordic countries. Through Cinia and Easy Fibre the customer has access to a fibre network covering Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland with one single contract.

Read more about EasyFibre.

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