Cinia C-Lion1 Submarine Cable

C-Lion1 Submarine cable provides higher quality with new optical infrastructure 

Many of the legacy subsea cable systems going out from Finland are aging and getting closer to the end of their lifetime. The new route through C-Lion1, the Northern Digital Highway provides high performance, secure and scalable platform for growing bandwidth requirements.

Boosting Finland´s Opportunity being a Major European Hub for Digital Infrastructure

C-Lion1 – Submarine cable

Cinia is focused, committed and with proven capability to build networks smarter, together with its partners. Many multinational companies have already identified Finland as the most important hub between the East and the West. To take connectivity to the next level, an Arctic Connect –project has also been initiated, in order to create the shortest direct sea route from Asia to Mainland Europe.


  • End points Helsinki and Rostock, Germany
    • Hanko landing branch
  • Cable length 1173 km
  • 8 fiber pairs
  • Total system capacity 144 Tb/s
  • Cable laying started in October 2015 and was completed early 2016
  • Services provided: fibre pairs, wavelengths,  Ethernet, IP-VPN

Benefits of C-Lion1

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Enables ultra-high speed connectivity with the lowest latency and secure data transmission for the growing capacity needs. Provides a unique route directly from Finland to Central Europe creating growth path for the Finnish and European enterprises and economies.

Story of C-Lion1

C-Lion1 submarine cable laying under the Baltic Sea from Helsinki to Rostock, Germany started in October 2015 and was completed as scheduled early 2016.  The Video takes you through the cable project from the idea to completion.The new C-Lion1 cable designed and operated by Cinia connects the data hubs in Central Europe to Finland, Nordics and through Russia further to Asia.