Infrastructure Services

Dark fiber

Cinia offers fiber pairs from its domestic network, from the C-Lion1 submarine cable system and from other Nordic partner networks through the Easy Fibre consortium.

Cinia’s optical fiber network core is primarily based on ITU-T G.652.D cable infrastructure. Major part of the network runs along the railroad tracks enabling most direct and shortest cable routes between the cities.

The quality of Cinia fiber optic cables meets the high level standards of the most demanding partners and customers.

Colocation Services

Cinia provides facilities for placing telecommunication equipment. Cinia’s equipment facilities have been built for telecom equipment and meet the requirements set by the authorities.

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Colocation Services includes

  • Device facility and Device space for the customer equipment
  • Power supply 230VAC/48VDC, secured or non-secured
  • Diesel generator back-up in critical facilities
  • Site security: locking, entrance control and surveillance, fire control
  • Environmental conditions according to ETS 300019-1-3 category 3.2

Colocation service corresponding to Ficora 54B/2014M standard for 1 and 2 level device space and colocation is available at request against a separate quote.