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Comprehensive and versatile monitoring of digital environments

Do you want more visibility  to the  quality of your digital services? Are you constantly struggling with quality problems? Do you find the identification and diagnosis of faults unreasonably difficult and cumbersome? If anything above sounds familiar, please have a look at Cinia’s monitoring solutions.

Guide to monitoring digital environments. Download the free guide.

We will always deliver a solution that suits to your environment and needs. We continuously develop our service based on our customers` evolving needs. Our solution offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities covering not only networks and servers but also cloud connections, services as well as monitoring end user experience. 

Solution enables monitoring the performance of services in both internal and public networks. In digital business a good user experience typically leads to best customer satisfaction ratings.

Versatile Monitoring Solutions for Digital Businesses

Your Digital Operating Environment

Cinia cEye and Cinia cLog monitoring solutions are suitable for companies and public sector organizations in all industries. Both solutions are scalable from small to enterprise level environments consisting of thousands of monitored devices and services. Clear and well-designed dashboards help you to explore and analyse measurement results.

A User-Friendly and Supplier-Independent Solution

Our monitoring solution is easy to use, which saves valuable working time for the user. You can concentrate on your business while our experts provide assistance in getting the most out of the system. Easy integration with your other systems for example ticketing system provides improved efficiency. Cinia cEye and cLog solutions are completely supplier-independent. We can also offer monitoring as a service provided by Cinia Service Desk operations 24/7.

Cinia’s monitoring solutions help you ensure high-quality digital services.


Some Customer Experiences

Case: Vastuu Group Oy

Log Management and Monitoring Solutions support Modern Digital Services 

The criticality of digital services, the multicloud and multivendor environment, as well as the mutual dependency of various systems, all had a hand in Vastuu Group needing a versatile monitoring solution that evolves with the business. Cinia’s monitoring solution enables Vastuu Group  to monitor the status of its services and related platforms 24/7. Read more.

Case: Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority trusts in Cinia´s cEye Monitoring Solution

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, a branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, has the all-important goal of protecting people, society and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation. The task also extends to future generations, as the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority ensures the best possible conditions for life in Finland. Read more.

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