Technical information

Technical information

This page provides you with further technical information on Cinia’s monitoring solutions. We are constantly developing our services, so if you cannot find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cinia cEye – Frequently asked questions

Can the Cinia cEye solution also be used for monitoring public network services?

Yes, it can. In addition to monitoring the internal network, Cinia cEye can use the metering points in the internet to monitor the functioning of an online shop, for example. All measurements are defined through the same user interface, and the results are also available in the same views.

Is it possible to integrate Cinia cEye to existing systems?

Yes, it is. Information can also be read through the interface of another system (e.g. CMDB and log management) and brought to Cinia cEye views. In addition, information can be sent from Cinia cEye to other systems. Various teamwork tools (MS Teams, Slack and Mattermost) are good examples of this. Furthermore, alarms can be sent to another system, for example.

I want to take decentralised measurements from different data centres and cloud environments. Can I do that?

Yes, you can. The solution can be expanded with probes that can be delivered with a physical device or installed on a virtual platform. Probes allow measurements from different angles, for example, the quality between data centres / cloud solutions or the functioning of services.

In addition to technical measurements, what purposes can Cinia cEye be used for?

Cinia cEye is an efficient tool for SLA monitoring and provides versatile means for reporting recurring problems. Furthermore, suitable views can be produced for different user groups, thus providing targeted information for the needs current at the time. Such user groups can include Help Desk, IT management or business operations, for example. Measured information can also be shared with partners or service providers.

Does Cinia cEye allow Real User Monitoring (RUM) i.e. measurements from the actual application traffic?  

Cinia cEye provides tools for active measurement, where the actual application traffic is not monitored. Cinia cEye is constantly measuring the infrastructure and services. That has the advantage that problems can be detected, even when the services are not used. In addition, the state and loading of individual devices are monitored. Among other things, the measurement method provides tools for proactivity and problem identification.

What does the integration of Cinia cEye and Cinia cLog mean?

Integration provides log data that supports measurement data. In a problem situation, Cinia cEye retrieves log data from the monitored object to its views so that all essential information is in the same view – this helps with diagnostics. Historical information of the log data is also kept in Cinia cEye, allowing trends to be monitored for a longer period even if the log files are no longer available, for example.

Cinia cLog – Frequently asked questions

What kind of logs can Cinia cLog collect?

Cinia cLog can collect almost any log data in text from different sources.

What if I have many different logs? Are they processed differently?

Logs are collected almost in real time, and they are standardized before saving in the database, so that all logs can be processed in the same way.

Can I follow what is going on in the system?

Cinia cLog has an Audit Trail feature that allows the actions taken by users in the system to be monitored, when required.

How long are the logs kept? Can I keep some logs longer than others?

Different logs can be directed to different indexes for which different storage times are specified. Cinia cLog solution also has an archiving option that allows log data to be transferred to another server for long term storage etc.

How can I get log data from a device that cannot forward the logs itself?

In such a case, we use a suitable log collector that collects the logs from the device and sends them to the log management server.

In case of further technical questions, please contact us

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