Software Solutions to your Digital Business

Software R&D Services

Cinia is a trusted partner in industrial software development. Our developers and QA specialists work continuously in close co-operation with our clients to produce top notch digital solutions within energy sector, healthcare, manufacturing and finance. Our service delivery model has been tried and perfected to meet the highest standards.

Development Projects

Cinia delivers dozens of software development projects annualy. Typically our clients are building a new digital service or are in a process of modernizing their current legacy systems. Software project may e.g. focus on improving UI/UX or implementing a new analytics solution. Our approach to development is agile but we emphasize testing and information security. We take pride in developing high quality solutions that are scalable and easy to develop further without a vendor lock. 

Cinia has substantial know-how in software quality assurance and test automation. In additon to leveraging test automation in our own development we continuously implement new testing tools and processes for our customers. In most cases delivering test automation solutions starts with a proof-of-concept project in which we select proper tools and seek to prove benefits by automating small number of test cases. From thereon, Cinia's specialists can train customer's QA team to use tools efficiently or externalize test automation development and maintenance to extent necessary.



Cinia delivers highly skilled experts to tackle any needs you may have in your software development or quality assurance. Work can be done from Cinia's offices or on-site at your premises which ever is more convinient. Consulting assignments can be as short as few months to several years. Contracts can be made for individual experts or full development teams. We have over 100 experts at your service - most of them being SW developers and QA experts but also UI/UX designers, analytics professionals and project managers.