Internet of Things 2018, Kattilahalli, Helsinki, 17.4.2018 - 18.4.2018

IoT will have an irrevocable effect on companies, their competitive landscape, business models, economic environment and leadership. A conscious company does not wait for what is looming in the horizon, but take action today to secure their position tomorrow.

This high-end event for decision makers will focus entirely on how to make business out of Internet of Things, what kind of business models it can generate and what structures should be in place.

IoT is unquestionably one of the hottest strategic topics in the management and board rooms. How can it be utilised for the business and what opportunities can it bring to the table?

At Internet of Things 2018 event Mr. Jyrki Hyyrönmäki, Development Manager at Cinia will talk about Future of IoT – value chain concept

  • What is a value chain concept?
  • From hype to challenges
  • Enabling value chains