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With us, you are more certain

Cinia is a Finnish expert in cybersecurity of digital operating environments and a specialist in critical, high-reliability connections and software. We bring security to our customers’ increasingly complex digital daily lives. 

Count on us to help you succeed

You can expect effortless collaboration and a straightforward partnership with us. We’ll find the best solution for your organization so that all your needs will be met both now and in the future.
  • Managing and ensuring the continuity of IT environments

    Partner with a seasoned expert in digital environments to safeguard the health and security of your IT environment and ensure seamless business operations under any circumstances. 

  • Technical solutions and procurement for networks and cybersecurity

    Experience an easier, safer, and more secure digital everyday life with Cinia. Our experts leverage cutting-edge technologies to simplify your work and free up your time for other priorities. Working with us is straightforward and seamless.

  • Business development and new solutions

    Business-driven solutions designed for today and tomorrow’s digital environments. 

Ensuring a more certain digital future 

In our ever-evolving digital world, we need certainty. For us, that means reliability and security of supply, as well as the confidence that everything will operate smoothly even as the world changes. 

We offer a wide range of expertise in digital environments, all under one roof. When designing your network solutions, we focus on what matters most: speed and security. Our cybersecurity solutions respond to threats and protect your critical data across all levels, from endpoints to servers, and from networks to applications. Our software solutions and expertise help you develop the most demanding applications into secure, professional-grade, state-of-the-art solutions. 


Network and connectivity solutions

Reliable and secure network and connectivity solutions tailored to your organization's needs. 



Security and certainty for your business around the clock, every day of the year.


Software solutions

Applications designed for demanding use, from service design to finished products and maintenance. 

Don’t just take our word for it

  • “Outsourcing NOC is an easy way to support our employees who understand the requirements of the airport community and the aviation industry. Cinia's NOC analytics tools are particularly useful when you need to pinpoint the exact cause of equipment or system failures.”
  • “Our data security will be strengthened and our day-to-day operations will be easier with a fast one-stop service.”
  • “Cinia has been a cozy partner for us.”
  • “This collaboration has completely changed my perception of IT actors. Previously, I was under the impression that new development was very slow. Now I know that at its best, IT collaboration is very agile, evolving and innovative.”
  • “Cinia's approach is solution-oriented and cooperative.”
  • “Cinia's strength is clearly its service attitude, and the people of Kiilto who have worked with the company have received help when they needed it. The supplier has clearly succeeded in eliminating problems, rather than adding to them.”

Contact us, we are happy to help!