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Business-driven solutions

Business-driven solutions designed for today and tomorrow’s digital environments. 


Sustainable solutions for tomorrow

As digitalization advances and technologies evolve, developing digital services, products, and automating processes becomes essential for every organization. Whether you have a concept on a flipchart, an initial product idea, or a business-critical system requiring modernization, we can help you build solutions that serve your users and advance your business in an agile way. Partner with us to create tomorrow's sustainable solutions. 

Your trusted partner for demanding development projects


Reliable systems for professional use 

Cinia specializes in high-availability software and IoT and OT solutions designed for challenging environments. Our secure software and automation solutions cater to professional users in demanding settings, covering everything from design and implementation to maintenance, testing, and ongoing development. With a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation, we deliver dependable solutions that meet industry needs. 


Hardened cybersecurity for software solutions  

We build the software that drives society forward. We understand the entire spectrum, from robust, classified government systems to critical operational information systems for industrial and service companies. When we write code, we approach security with unwavering ambition. Cinia offers hardened security services throughout the application lifecycle, from conceptualization through development to cybersecurity monitoring. 


Extensive industry expertise in critical sectors

Our expertise lies in delivering sophisticated, high-security software solutions that power essential societal functions in sectors like healthcare, transportation, logistics, industrial innovation, and new innovations Our clients are operators of critical infrastructure who prioritize the seamless delivery of digital services. 

Gain confidence to grow your digital business

Planning a new application or modernizing an existing system? You can count on our experts for help.  

Learn more about services and solutions

  • Agile product development partnership

    Traditionally, a supplier's role in product development partnerships has been limited to providing the customer with expert resources or delivering predefined solutions as projects. At Cinia, our genuine product development partnership entails a broader collaboration that spans the entire software lifecycle. This includes not only development work but also service design, requirement generation, architecture, and technology planning that considers the product lifecycle, as well as the construction and maintenance of DevOps environments with automated release and testing processes. 

  • Conceptualization and service design for new digital services  

    Create services that professional users will love. We help you transform your ideas into concrete concepts, prototypes, and deployed services. When you want to create a new competitive advantage with digital solutions, we'll refine your vision into reality. We understand the specifics of demanding professional use, security requirements, and legal frameworks that govern system development. 

  • External application and system assessment to support your business

    Benefit from our expertise in evaluating the strengths, risks, and opportunities of different technologies. We understand your business and manage the processes that drive successful projects. In addition to offering advice, we offer practical, actionable proposals tailored to your needs.

    Consult us for solutions to challenges such as: 

    • Investigating the application lifecycle and future development potential 
    • IT architecture reforms and technology selections 
    • Roadmap for application modernization 
    • Transitioning from outdated to modern technology 
    • Migration to an AWS, Azure, or GCP environment 
    • Application security assessment

Leverage IoT and AI for better production

Gain control over automation, remote system monitoring, and machine vision applications. We work with you to streamline processes, minimize repetitive tasks, and cultivate new competitive advantages across your production stages. We recognize the transformative potential of IoT in mission-critical operational technology (OT) environments and help you leverage AI and machine learning for enhanced camera surveillance and security systems. 

IoT solutions from devices to maintenance 

We offer comprehensive IoT solutions tailored for mission-critical environments, covering IoT equipment provision, assembly, delivery, maintenance, development, security, and analytics applications. As a partner independent of equipment manufacturers and operators, we'll identify the optimal technical solutions for you and guide your idea from prototype to production. 


Business-oriented IoT applications  

The more features, device management, and integrations an IoT solution includes, the more important it is to consider flexible and future-proof architecture, thorough end-to-end testing, cybersecurity, and scalability as the IoT business grows. With us, you can be confident that your IoT solution is designed according to best practices. 

We offer IoT application development both as turnkey projects and within the framework of continuous product development services. 

Don’t just take our word for it

  • “This collaboration has completely changed my perception of IT operators. Previously, I was under the impression that new development was very slow. Now I know that at its best, IT collaboration is very agile, evolving, and innovative.”
  • “Together with Cinia, we have implemented very large projects. They also have the courage to challenge us and make suggestions for improvement.”
  • “We got a good idea of how to go about productization in our company. We also gained access to the expertise of Cinia that we didn't have: insight into the limitations and opportunities of IoT.”
  • “Cinia provides us with an easy, hassle-free total solution for remote access. The solution allows us to grow our service business the way we want.”

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