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Developing and maintaining digitalization solutions for services critical to society is an important part of our sustainability strategy.


Sustainable business at Cinia

Sustainability is an integral part of our daily  operations: leadership, development, and our customer solutions. Our aim is to do business sustainably, improving the well-being of the environment and our people, and improving the efficiency of society's infrastructure.

Our sustainability work is based on the double materiality assessment analysis required by the EU CSRD Directive, where the issues identified will guide our sustainability work, reporting and strategy in the future.

Cinia's key sustainability topics

We take responsibility for the environment, for people and for our society. On the environment, we have identified our contribution to the effort against climate change and the preservation of biodiversity as key themes.

We invest in the well-being and 
expertise of our employees  and promote the development and growth of their expertise. We also take care of the human rights of the employees in our value chain. We take responsibility for the security of society and for information connectivity, and we always conduct our business in an ethical manner.

Affected communities


Consumers and end-users

Supporting consumer and end-user privacy and information security through technological solutions.


In-house employees

Promoting the well-being of Cinia 
employees, developing expertise and supporting equality.


Employees in the value chain

Promoting working conditions that respect the human rights of employees in the value chain through procurement.


Circular economy and resource use

Promoting the recycling and reuse of critical raw materials and components and minimizing electronic waste.


Climate change

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions 
from our own operations and the value chain.



Prevention of soil pollution associated with 
the manufacture of equipment in the supply chain.



Minimizing the negative biodiversity and 
ecosystem service impacts of raw materials used in equipment and construction projects in the supply chain.

Aiming for significant emissions reductions

State-owned companies are expected to 
be aware of the climate and environmental impacts of 
their own operations and to reduce emissions in line with 
Finland’s carbon neutrality target and the Paris Agreement.

Our climate work is guided by the goal of a carbon-neutral Finland in 2035. Cinia's environmental plan guides the company's activities to reduce environmental impacts.

Most of Cinia’s emissions are generated indirectly outside of our own operations, but we recognize our responsibility and role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the ICT sector as a whole.

Cinia’s own greenhouse gas emissions arise mainly from the energy consumption of telecommunications equipment and data centers. In addition, emissions 
are generated from the products and services we purchase, business travel, and logistics. 


Our goal is to systematically reduce our CO2e emissions. The key indicator for monitoring emissions is emissions 
from own operations (Scope 1 and 2) per employee. 

  • By utilising waste heat from data centres.
  • By investing in renewable energy.
  • Reducing emissions from premises by moving to more energy-efficient premises.
  • By centralising equipment rooms and data centres.
  • By investing in low-emission cars.
  • By promoting the circular economy, primarily by extending the life cycle of our equipment and making it easier to recycle.
  • Ensuring that equipment and materials comply with international quality, environmental, health and safety standards.
  • By using partners whose processes comply with international and certified quality, environmental, health and safety standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001).

People and society

Responsible HR management ensures that everyone's wellbeing, safety and ability to work are taken care of every day.

Besides the legislation on ensuring the well-being of the employees, Cinia has principles that guide the development of well-being at work in place. The monitoring of health and well-being is guided by the annual occupational health and safety action plan.

We invest in the well-being and expertise of our employees 

  • We enable our employees to develop their expertise and monitor the development of our own activities and industry best practices.
  • We aim to promote the health and well-being of our employees and prevent fatigue, accidents and work-related health problems through a range of services: occupational health, counselling services and a wide range of occupational safety development services.
  • We are committed to promoting equality and preventing discrimination in all our activities.
  • Cinia has zero tolerance for all forms of workplace bullying, sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.  

We measure progress on social responsibility 

  • The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) survey, which measures employee experience.
  • The number of absences due to sickness.
  • Percentage of women working managerial postions compared prosentage of women in company.
  • The number of whistleblowing reports.

We take human rights into account in Cinia's supply chain

In addition to the well-being of our own employees, we also take 
responsibility for the people working in our value chains. 

We pay attention to fair working conditions and terms of employment and do not tolerate unsafe or unfair working conditions or related human rights violations in any form. 

Good corporate governance

Openness, transparency and good corporate 
governance are essential to Cinia. We act ethically towards all of our stakeholders, including suppliers and other partners. 

  • Cinia does not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form. 
  • Cinia processes all personal data in its possession in accordance with data protection laws and regulations.
  •  Cinia continuously maintains guidance on data protection and actively monitors data protection legislation and requirements.
  • Cinia also has an anonymous whistleblowing channel for reporting any wrongdoings.
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    Guidance on responsible practices

    Cinia has drafted a number of guidelines aimed at ensuring responsible practices.


Cinia strives for responsible and ethical operations. If you detect any unethical or illegal action conducted by Cinia or our employee, you can anonymously report the misconduct with the whistleblowing system.