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24/7 network monitoring and management

We monitor your connections and systems around the clock so that your business can operate without interruptions.


Connections, equipment, and systems are always available

With Cinia's Network Operations Center (NOC), you can trust that your networks are monitored 24/7. Our team responds swiftly to incidents and takes proactive measures to ensure continuous availability. We coordinate the service and maintenance of your equipment, anticipating potential failures and continually optimizing your environment for peak performance.

Our monitoring solution allows you to track the activity and performance of your digital environment. We also provide video surveillance and security solutions for even the most critical environments.

Explore our network monitoring and management services

  • Network Operations Center (NOC)

    We monitor and manage your networks around the clock. NOC is a lifecycle service that continuously optimizes your environment.

  • Monitoring and dashboard solution

    We monitor your entire IT environment, from the infrastructure to the application level. The intuitive dashboard serves as the cornerstone for analytics and reporting.

  • Preventive maintenance services

    Ensuring the smooth operation of telecom equipment requires smart preventive measures, leveraging the power of IoT and AI. In the event of a failure, we coordinate the maintenance work for you.

  • Video surveillance and security solutions

    Experience seamless monitoring of production and facilities with our video surveillance systems. From enhancing operational efficiency to enabling intelligent automation, we build systems for even the most demanding sites.

Choose the partnership model that suits you best

Whether you prefer a comprehensive strategic partnership or a narrowly focused subcontracting arrangement, we're here to help. Let's work together to find the package that best suits your business needs.

Don't just take our word for it

  • ”We found a complete solution for how to store and manage camera surveillance data. With a clear service concept, we are able to move step by step towards a situation where the integrated hardware and camera communications also come to us from Cinia. Our data security will be strengthened and our day-to-day operations will be made easier by having a fast one-stop service."
  • “Outsourcing NOC is a smart way to organize 24/7 monitoring and management of network equipment. Incidents can be professionally resolved even outside office hours. In addition to handling service requests, Cinia will also handle configurations as agreed. This allows our in-house experts to focus on project management and development work."

Contacts us to learn more

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