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Monitoring and incident management 

Empower your organization to operate securely and ensure business continuity with Cinia's monitoring and incident management services. 


Maintain a secure business environment 

The increasing reliance on digital environments and cloud services demands strong data security measures. Beyond implementing security practices, this requires continuous monitoring of the environment, detection of anomalies, and rapid response to potential security threats. Safeguard your organization's operations and ensure seamless business continuity with Cinia's monitoring and incident management services.  

Explore our monitoring and incident management services

  • CSOC

    Visibility into the digital environment and the ability to continuously anticipate, detect, and respond are the cornerstones of an effective cyber defense. Cinia’s Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) secures your business environment around the clock, every day of the week.   

  • SIEM

    Gain visibility into your digital infrastructure with Cinia's SIEM service. Detect security breaches, respond without delay, and uncover the root cause of incidents. With our SIEM service, you can efficiently gather information about your digital environment and identify anomalies. 

  • MDR

    Use technology and expertise to quickly combat cyber threats. Cinia's MDR cybersecurity partnership combines technology and expertise to protect your organisation's endpoints and cloud services, as well as your existing connections. 

  • Microsoft Security Managed services

    With our Microsoft Security Service, your Microsoft environment is in safe hands. Make the most of your cloud environment’s security features and leave the management and control of your environment to us.  

  • OT security

    Ensure the security and continuity of your production environment with Cinia's OT information security service. Our Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) monitors your facility's network traffic, systems, and equipment 24/7, and responds to incidents and threats immediately. 

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