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Network projects

Cinia is an experienced backbone network builder. We promote international network projects that aim to improve backbone connectivity in Europe and around the world.


Improving backbone connectivity

Our most important missions are the diversification of the Finnish international data connections, the improvement of cyber security, and the development of digitalization solutions, in particular for operators providing nationally critical services.

Many existing intercontinental connections are based on congested, expensive or unstable routes.  New connections and route-diversity are needed to ensure network resilience and business continuity in Europe and the rest of the world.

Cinia is involved in network projects that is aiming to strenghten existing backbone networks and building entirely new high-speed backbone networks.


Northern EU Gateways

The objectives of the Northern EU Gateways project is to significantly improve the backbone connectivity, offer alternative routes and increase cyber security in a strategically important region in Europe and to strengthen the EU's links with third countries.

Far North Fiber

Far North Fiber will be the first cable system through the Arctic, which will connect Asia to Europe via North America and the Northwest Passage. The new route will significantly strenghten existing terrestrial and submarine cable connections.


C-Lion2 submarine cable system (CL2) will connect multiple key business and residental hubs in the Baltic Sea region, especially in Finland, Sweden and Germany.


The submarine cable, designed and built by Cinia, will connect data hubs of Central Europe to Finland, other Nordic countries and Asia.


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