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The global economy is based on efficient information networks and increasingly intelligent software. Fast connections, reliable IT systems and secure data repositories are vital structures of our digital society.

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Functional, intelligent and safe

Towards the digital future

Cinia’s objective is to improve Finland’s competitiveness by developing digital solutions as well as to secure the critical functions of our society by strengthening cyber security. We improve and diversify Finland’s national and international data communication connections. 

We provide our customers with digital solutions that make operations more efficient, increase productivity and enable new ways of operating for the end users of our services. Our solutions guarantee efficient business operations and ensure peace of mind.

We want everyone to be able to use digital services quickly and easily, without interruptions. We are present where our presence is essential. Our mission is to build an increasingly digital and safer society.

Cinia is owned by State of Finland, Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen and Pohjola Insurance Ltd.


State of Finland c/o Ministry of Transport and Communications 77,528 %
Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen 11,236 %
Pohjola Insurance Ltd. 11,236 %
In total
100,00 %

The Story of Cinia

Our mission is to map out new technological opportunities, to implement the solutions of the future and to lead Finland towards a digital dimension. A digital dimension is a state where the accelerating development opens doors to new dimensions. Solutions are found by combining data communications, software, information networks and cyber security into one, seamlessly functioning entity.

The story of Cinia began in 1861 with our first task of building a telegraph line between Helsinki and Hämeenlinna. Ever since those days, we have been building a society of great connections on land, at sea and in the air.

Cinia is an experienced and reliable data system and software developer that enables digital business operations for Finnish and international organizations – and for all people.

Cinia is bringing continents closer to one another by building Arctic submarine telecom cable to connect Europe and Asia and make Finland a hub of international telecommunications. People are also brought closer to each other by providing their homes with an extremely fast fiber-optic connection, the technology of the future. Cinia puts people at the forefront of digital development.

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