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Demanding digital services from innovation to maintenance and testing

Cinia is the expert throughout your software development’s lifespan – we provide the design, planning, set up and maintenance of demanding, professional digital services and applications that are tailored to your specific needs.
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We Advice and Innovate

We maximize the competitiveness of your company, improve and streamline your operational processes, and ensure continuity for your business through our digital solutions. Our consultation and innovation service gives crystal clear vision for your company’s leadership, product development, and information management to help you attain your goals and get your project started on a steady course.

Cinia’s solution architects, service design teams, and other experts will help form your strategy, brainstorm concepts for your service, and specify what is needed to make it shine. The early planning combines deep business understanding with the possibilities of technology. Our experts will help you decide what is the right budget to fit your needs and which solutions are the most essential for your business. You will also receive a realistic implementation plan.

  • Digital strategies and roadmaps
  • Data and processes
  • Product development planning
  • Application modernization
  • Technical reports, assessments, and code reviews
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept development of new products and services

We Plan and Implement

We provide application development in the form of turnkey projects, constant product development services, and consultation contracts. We can anticipate progress for your application development, budget use, and quality goals, all while providing you with a constantly updated situational picture. We have fine-tuned our flexible operating models and mobilized the best practices needed to produce requirements and approval criteria, guide teamwork, and ensure quality in order for you to get the best possible results.

We support your technical product ownership in the development of highly demanding critical systems. Our toolset is at your disposal, ranging from modern cloud and container technologies to the legacy technologies that are still used today. We also provide 24/7 maintenance and support for our applications.

  • Service design
  • UI&UX
  • Flexible software projects
  • Product development services
  • Data analytics and platforms

We Improve and Automate

You can automate your business processes and software testing through Robotics Process Automation.

We offer robotics solutions tailored for your specific needs, so you can switch people out from routine work and eliminate the chance for errors. The software robots will boost your operations and free up time for more meaningful work and jobs that are more essential from a business standpoint.

If you already have your own software development, we can improve the quality of your production process, raise the automation level of testing and publishing, and improve practices in these areas. Our testing services help you guard against reputation and continuity risks for your software business. We will develop your testing process, pick the right testing tools for you, plan, lead, and implement your software testing. We can also give your staff training if it there is a need for it.

We guard your best interests in software projects. We help set approval criteria for testing and perform approval testing services.

  • Test automation development
  • Robotics Process Automation - RPA
  • Continuous integration and publication (CI/CD)
  • DevOps
  • Quality assurance
  • Information security
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