Security Certificates

Security is an integral element in Cinia’s services and corporate functions

Cyber security is an integral element in Cinia’s services and corporate functions. In Cinia cyber security in not only a separate action but a broad set of security related daily working. For Cinia cyber security comprises both “business” and “enabler”. Cyber security is a key part of the quality of our services as well as a core of our customer promises. We is involved to build the more secure world. 

Cinia has been awarded several certificates and clearances concerning corporate security.

With these acknowledgements we aim to show our customers and partners that we are a trustworthy and reliable business partner with externally verified secure work methods and procedures.

ISO/IEC 27001

Cinia Cyber Security services and Service Desk was granted the internationally recognised ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system certificate. The certification concerns Cinia’s Cyber Security services and Service Desk and the company-level control of the information security management system, such as company-level security policies, guidelines and practices.

ISO/IEC 27001 is an international information security management system standard for assessing risks and implementing the necessary preventive measures. The standard sets requirements for identifying and effectively managing the risks to an organisation's information.



Facility Security Clearance

Cinia Group Ltd has been awarded the Facility Security Clearance, based on the security clearance legislation. A Facility Security Clearance can be awarded to a Finnish company contracting with a public organisation when sensitive government information is being processed at the facility.

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Finnish Cyber Security Certificate

Cinia was granted the Finnish Cyber Security Certificate. In certification Cinia’s activities were examined against a pre-set evaluation criterion covering the organization’s computing environment and practices as well as the personnel involved in the processing of information.

FINCSC is a nationally recognised certification mechanism used to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the organization's cyber security level. The assessment is based on a self-assessment questionnaire and an external evaluation of the assessment body.

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