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Cybersecurity reviews and evaluations

Discover your information security posture, from technical solutions to administrative practices, and achieve the cybersecurity level necessary to ensure uninterrupted business operations. 


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How prepared are you for information security threats? Are you concerned about your business's cybersecurity posture? Our tailored cyber and information security reviews and evaluations shed light on your unique needs, offering a clear, holistic view of your company's cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses, along with actionable recommendations. Stay ahead of the game and better understand your cyber defenses. 

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  • Administrative information security

    Are your security practices keeping pace with today's cyber risks? Is your company's security strategy evolving alongside emerging threats? By evaluating your cybersecurity governance, management models, policies, roles, and responsibilities, our administrative information security assessment uncovers vulnerabilities in your organization's security practices.   

  • Technical information security 

    What's your technical proficiency in information security? Do you have adequate defenses against modern cyber threats? Our technical security evaluation focuses on your company's technical arrangements and information security implementation. You’ll better understand your company’s capabilities for access management, authentication, data encryption, processing and storage, network architecture, service protection, and threat detection.  

  • NIS2 compliance

    The EU's impending Information Security Directive NIS2 will enter into force this October. We'll assess your organization's NIS2 readiness and offer recommendations for achieving compliance. Our evaluation aligns with NIS2 and ISO27001 requirements. 

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