Cyber Security Reviews and Evaluations

Ensure the continuity of your business operations – take the first step towards functional cyber security

Are you familiar with the level of your current preparedness for information security threats? Are you worried about the cyber security level of your company?

No worries! We carry out the cyber security reviews and evaluations, based on which you will receive a clear and comprehensive view on the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s information security arrangements as well as recommendations for cyber security improvements. This will prevent unpleasant surprises and show you how your cyber security works. Based on the observations, we create a development roadmap aimed at achieving conformance.

In our assessments, we use criteria based on information security management standards (ISO27001, NIST, Katakri, GDPR, Traficom’s Cybermeter). We use state-of-the-art technical tools to assess technical cyber security.

Administrative review and evaluation

Are your information security practices up to date in terms of current cyber threats? Is your company’s information security being developed as the threats evolve? The administrative information security survey reveals the weaknesses in your organization’s information security practices.

The assessment reviews your organization’s cyber security management and administration models, security policies, responsibilities, roles and information security development practices.

Technical review and evaluation

What is the current technical level of your information security? Is your defense against modern cyber threats sufficient?

In the technical information security assessment, we survey your company’s technical information security arrangements and implementations. The technical assessment covers, for example, access control, identification, data encryption, data processing and recording, network architecture, service protection and threat detection capabilities.

Penetration testing

Once your information security practices and cyber defense have been built into a functional package, it is time to test their integrity.

A penetration test refers to the breach risk testing of your company’s information systems and services, in which we simulate a cyber attack and document its progress.

In the penetration test, we try to attack the service or system and detect any vulnerabilities and shortcomings in them. Simulated attacks can be targeted, for example, at the services in your intranet or wide area network.

Penetration testing is always carried out by our certified experts. It provides you with significant information about realistic vulnerabilities and practical fixing proposals which will further strengthen your cyber defense.



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