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Cinia´s subsea cable to connect Asia, Europe, and North America through the Arctic in 2025

Cinia´s subsea cable to connect Asia, Europe, and North America through the Arctic in 2025

The cable will enhance Cinia´s already comprehensive international connectivity services.

Connectivity across Asia, Europe, and North America will improve and get more route options as Cinia agreed to start a project to build a new subsea cable in the Arctic with Alaskan company Far North Digital.

Cinia and Far North Digital signed Memorandum of Understanding last week to build the subsea cable. The project will enhance Cinia´s already comprehensive connection services even further.

“There is an increasing demand for secure and fast international connectivity with new diverse routes. Spanning three of the world’s largest internet adopting continents the Far North Fiber will be a true global venture”, says Ari-Jussi Knaapila CEO of Cinia.

Cable route study will start in 2022. The system construction period takes about five years to complete and the cable will be in service by the end of 2025.


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Cable brings more options for routes in the Northern hemisphere

The Cable System is planned to have three seamlessly interlinked segments: the Asian North Pacific segment, the North American Arctic segment, and the European North Atlantic segment.

The joint network will run from Japan, via the Northwest Passage, to Europe with landings in Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. European landings are planned in Norway, Finland and Ireland.

The 14,000 kilometer cable system greatly reduces the optical distance between Asia and Europe, thus minimizing signal latency.


Cinia network provides high-capacity connections

Cinia already has a long experience in enabling fast and reliable connectivity services across Europe. Cinia’s 17 000-kilometer optical fiber network and 1200-kilometer C-Lion1 subsea cable to Germany provide direct, high-capacity connections to Europe with the lowest possible latency.

At the same time, Cinia also provides reliable connections to the growing digital services markets in Russia and the Baltic countries through cooperation with Russian operators.


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