Nov 8, 2021 10:44:39 AM

Guest post: Can you survive without Low-Code Security Automation?

Low-Code Security Automation is critically important for today's security landscape, writes Technical Marketing Engineer Jay Spann from Swimlane.  Jay is featuring in our blog as a guest writer. 

During Covid-19 enterprises have learned how to work and do business in hybrid environments. Businesses are dealing with a growing number of security threats. Security experts know that they need to do more and faster than before. The number of alerts and bad activities is growing. Data fatigue and manual work has become a burden for many analysts. Threat detection, investigation and analysis is often taking too much time. How could we make the lives of analysts easier?

I’m convinced that Low-Code Security Automation is critically important for today’s security landscape and for improving the performance in SOC-operations. Cyber security teams and analysts recognize the value of Low-Code Security Automation instantly as time consuming programming is not needed.

Low-Code Security Automation requires minimal coding and provides visual tools for security use case development and harnessing institutional knowledge across the organization. This opens the door for automation processes without having to do the heavy coding typically associated with enterprise cyber security. Repetitive security related processes, cross-checks and tasks can be done automatically without human intervention. Bad activities and most alerts can be managed with machine learning technologies.

Low-Code Security Automation helps to identify incidents which require a closer look by the analyst. Experts need relevant data to make the right decisions.


Tackling diverse cyber threats

Low-Code Security Automation can tackle all kinds of security threats and provides excellent tools for various security related use cases, for example threat hunting as well as cyber security breaches and phishing threats investigations. There are a lot of ways to look for risky users within the organization and to identify them by using Low-Code Security Automation. Realtime intelligence data makes it possible to proactively look out for bad indicators for example in the energy, finance, banking and government industries.

Automation offers tremendous benefits for cyber security service providers and for large enterprises. One managed security service provider based in the U.S. was able to reduce their analyst’s workload in one SOC-operation case by 95 percent within just three months. Low-Code Security Automation provides resources and improves the efficiency of cyber threats investigations.  

Need to improve your cyber security and response time KPI’s?


How to choose the right platform?

We don’t believe in closed ecosystems or technology limitations. Swimlane’s platform automatically gathers security related information and events from different systems for providing the analyst a holistic view of the situation, including visual reports and dashboards. It provides an ‘out-of-the-box’ integration and configuration experience into cloud, on premise and hybrid environments. Where and how can you integrate and connect the platform?

The platform can also be used for security training purposes for IT experts and other personnel e.g. explaining what the user is doing and providing useful check lists. Want to become a certified professional?    

Low-Code Security Automation is the system of record for the entire security organization and managed security service providers can really scale up their business and services with the platform. Workflows can be built for any cyber security use case and the sky is the limit what can be automated.

The awareness of Low-Code Security Automation is rising all over the world fast and getting increasingly popular. I think that’s great news. Interested to hear more and want to put full attention to the serious incidents and alerts?

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How to Automate Cyber Security and Business Processes


Jay Spann

SOAR Evangelist, Technical Marketing Engineer, Swimlane

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