May 16, 2023 11:19:26 AM

Critical Communications World brings together end-users and developers

Critical Communications World (Messukeskus, Helsinki, 23-25 May 2023) is a global networking event that gathers end-users of critical solutions and vendor partners under one roof.  This year's programme focuses on collaboration and cross-sectoral knowledge sharing.

Developing software tools for critical infrastructure is demanding work, with cybersecurity guiding every choice along the way. However, this doesn’t mean that the process couldn't be agile and user-driven. On the contrary: especially for mission-critical systems, it’s essential to ensure that the result fits the requirements like a glove. This minimises the risk of human errors.

Systems hardening and secure application development are at the heart of our software engineering work, each day. That’s why you’ll also find us at Critical Communications World. Will you join us there?

Infrastructure under the highest possible risk classifications? Business-critical operations within industries such as logistics and health care? Cinia is the expert throughout your software development’s lifespan. As we write code, we always have the same ambition for security.

Through one partnership, you will get the design, planning, set up, and maintenance of demanding professional digital services and applications. Instead of ready-made packages, we always base our designs on the client's needs. Future-proof, secure solutions are built on the sum of carefully selected technologies and tools, quality assurance methods, and continuous monitoring.


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