Data Centres and Operators

Capacity and connectivity solutions for data centres and operators


For data centre business operations, reliable and redundant data communication connections are a prerequisite for creating uninterrupted service environments. Thanks to our strong fibre optic trunk network in Finland and the new Cinia C-Lion1 sea cable connection to Germany, the European markets are only a few dozen milliseconds away from any location in Finland. The Cinia network traffic connection points on the Russian border enable high-speed connections all the way to Asia, which makes Finland an even more attractive location for data centre business operations by bringing the Central European markets closer to the major market areas of Russia and Asia.

The most significant expansion of Cinia’s international network is the 144 TB/s sea cable connection to Germany, which offers opportunities for Finnish and foreign operators seeking to expand their networks. This new direct connection serves as a high-speed backup route that improves operators’ competitiveness and makes their services more attractive. Many major international operators have already joined Cinia’s customer base.