Electricity and Energy

Software solutions for the energy sector

Cinia operates across the value chain in the energy sector. We provide software services and solutions, from the operation of the main grid to intelligent electricity meters to market data analysis and reports.

Our software projects in the energy sector typically involve large quantities of data and various reporting and management solutions. In these projects, we offer extensive expertise, from data collection and system integration to the implementation of multifaceted user interfaces. We help our customers modernise their existing solutions, build new solutions in various fields of technology and process their collected data efficiently for business purposes.

Our comprehensive expertise in the energy sector, equipment, data transfer protocols and critical web systems enables us to serve as a software development partner to operators in the energy industry. In addition, the product-based offering covers energy network management solutions, to name just one example.

Tools for Information and IT Management

Our measurement and monitoring solutions provide you with a comprehensive view of your IT environment. You will be notified of any interferences without delay, and you will be able to manage operations efficiently in a multi-supplier environment, in addition to meeting data privacy requirements.


For operators in the electricity and energy sectors, Cinia designs, implements and delivers critical fixed and wireless data communication services to ensure connections at all times, even during long power outages. Reliable connections ensure uninterrupted main grid operations, as well as rapid troubleshooting and recovery. We are also actively contributing to the digitalisation of the electricity and energy sectors through monitoring and situational awareness services, IoT systems and secure cloud services, to name just a few examples.