Financial Sector

Reliable connection solutions in Finland and abroad

The speed and reliability of data communication connections is key to business operations in the banking and financial sector.

Software Development and Integration

For operators in financial administration and the financial sector, Cinia offers product development related to software and electronic services by means of consultation and project delivery. We develop responsive web user interfaces, carry out API development and integration, and resolve challenges related to the modernisation of old systems in software development and quality assurance. We are a flexible and agile partner who makes cooperation easy and productive.

Service Quality Measurement and Monitoring

In services targeted at consumers, the customer experience consists of usability, service availability and performance. The examination of performance problems may be challenging when services comprise various applications produced from different environments.

We will help you determine the ultimate causes of problems by using the Cinia cEye monitoring solution.  Simulated loads can be fed into services globally from various measurement points, and automatic alarms and dashboard views can be generated based on the observations. The measurement data can be used to steer system development work and to discover how changes implemented in applications or environments affect performance.