Health and Safety

Modern healthcare information systems

In the healthcare sector, Cinia helps its customers improve their information systems by making them more user-friendly and flexible. Our goal is to provide healthcare professionals with tools that support their work and help them work more efficiently, in addition to reducing administrative requirements related to information systems. We have broad and varied experience in working with doctors and other healthcare professionals, as well as strong expertise in technologies and digitalisation.

Focusing on Safety

Many of our customers are united by the significance of safety for their operations. Cinia also focuses on safety. We provide secure and reliable software and connectivity services for the authorities and for companies critical to the security of supply in industry, the energy sector, public transport and telecommunications, among other fields.

Our solutions are used to produce real-time situational awareness information, enable effective field management and guide operations under exceptional circumstances. We provide reliable high-speed data communication connections, and we can route traffic completely outside the public network, if necessary. We also monitor environments and provide operational services from our 24/7 service centre.