Product development services and the IoT

Cinia serves as a product development partner for manufacturing in demanding software development and quality assurance projects and assignments. We help industrial companies make use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) in a way that best suits each company.

In our industrial software projects, we combine our in-depth understanding of our customers’ business operations and the end users’ needs with our expertise in software and analytics. In the development of business-critical software, we emphasise usability, performance, scalability and information security. In addition, it is significant for our customers to create solutions and products that are easy and flexible to maintain in terms of architecture and technological aspects.

Our broad and varied expertise covers web-based data collection and reporting solutions and high-security critical systems.

We make use of our expertise in device interfaces and data transfer protocols in various development projects that produce situational awareness information and analytics, as well as views needed by users in various roles in their work.


Remote management solutions enable communication between devices, and real-time control and monitoring. The data received from devices is also useful for product development and predictive maintenance.

We help our customers connect software to machines, devices, sensors and telemetrics to create a seamless system. Our experience ranges from mobile equipment management to industrial and building automation, and from energy management and telecom solutions to remote monitoring and control systems for machines and devices, as well as fault management.