9/6/17 10:00 AM

Cinia service desk awarded as the best in Finland

Cinia's service desk for corporate and public customers has been selected as the best service desk in Finland in 2017. Wakaru awarded the recognition at the Yhteys 2017 event in Helsinki. Cinia service desk was selected, in particular, because of its excellent customer and personnel satisfaction, its high level of supervisory work and leadership practices, and its development roadmap based on goals derived from the strategy.

Cinia service desk cares customers 24/7/365 with the solid technical and service-related expertise of its personnel. Cinia provides Finnish and international customers with connectivity, software and cloud services, and the development of Cinia service desk is a key factor in ensuring the reliability of these services.

– We often receive positive feedback from our customers, and now that we have also received this fantastic recognition from Wakaru, we are convinced that we are heading in the right direction in terms of operational development. We are continuously monitoring customer feedback with a zero tolerance approach. I automatically receive messages whenever we get excellent or poor customer feedback, and our response is immediate, says Teri Nikkanen, Manager of the Cinia service desk.

Wave – the Wakaru customer service network – has held the service desk of the Year competition since 1996. The winner is selected based on comprehensive analysis of professional auditors.  The subjective evaluations of the auditors are supported by objective results from personnel and customer satisfaction surveys and key performance indicators.

- Cinia's strategic decision to strengthen its service desk can considered as consistent long-term development. Its’ daily supervisory work is passionate and inspiring, and its employees have excellent professional skills, also from the customers' point of view, says Consultant and Trainer Liisa Torkkeli, who is the main auditor of the competition.

Cinia's customers have usually set very high requirements for the availability and reliability of services. In addition, cybersecurity is continuously becoming more important in the digital environment.

– We highly appreciate the recognitionfeedback addressed to Cinia service desk. The implications of digitalisation are continuously increasing, which means that it is critical to have reliable services and partners.  Cinia is committed to operate in the center of  this development, says Taneli Vuorinen, Senior Vice President of network services business line at Cinia.

Smaller and larger units, and different teams of organisations from the private and public sectors can take part in the service desk of the Year competition. The evaluation is based on good industrial practices, i.e. the international standard for support services, the ITIL framework and the ISO/IEC 20000 standard. The areas evaluated are leadership, strategy and operating principles, HR management, partnerships, resources, processes, and operating procedures.

Further information

Taneli Vuorinen, Senior Vice President, network operations, tel. +358 50 2163, taneli.vuorinen(at)cinia.fi

Jani Iivonen, Senior Consultant, Wakaru Oy, tel. +358 40 744 9641, jani.iivonen(at)wakaru.fi

Wave – the Wakaru customer service network

Wave – the Wakaru customer service network (formerly HDI Nordic Oy) provides customer service professionals with public and customised training, consulting, events and networks. Wave works together with service desk and contact centre units, in particular. Wave has more than 60 member organisations from the private and public sectors. Wave members are brought together by the significant role of customer service in their activities and their desire to actively develop customer service. Wave is part of Wakaru Oy which produces Oppia.fi – e-commerce for learning. Further information: www.wakaru.fi


Cinia Group provides smart network, cloud and software services that eliminate the meaning of distance and improve global functionality and security. Its solid expertise in the development of critical systems is based on its uncompromising way of verifying reliability and information security in all situations. Advanced cloud-based operating environments offer ICT infrastructure with a high level of cybersecurity, responding to the needs of even the most demanding organisations. Cinia's has thousands of kilometres of optical backbone network, and the submarine Cinia C-Lion1 cable offer the shortest and fastest route from network hubs in Central Europe to data centres located in ideal conditions in Northern Europe and to markets in Asia and Eastern Europe. Further information: www.cinia.fi.