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Cinia supports Tapio Lehtinen’s circumnavigations for a cleaner environment

Cinia has established a partnership with ocean sailor Tapio Lehtinen lasting until 2024. Lehtinen works to halt climate change by raising concern about the state of the seas, and Cinia also focuses on operating in an environmentally sustainable manner in its corporate responsibility work.

Cinia supports ocean sailor Tapio Lehtinen on his races around the world. In the coming years, Lehtinen will participate in two different circumnavigation races:  Golden Globe Race 2022 is a solo race and Ocean Globe Race 2023 is sailed with a crew of 12. Both races are sailed on traditional boats with traditional methods – modern digital and satellite technology may only be used in an emergency.

Lehtinen is best known from the 2018 Golden Globe Race where only five of the 18 entrants made it to the finish line. Lehtinen finished 322 days after the start of the race, with the bottom of his boat covered with goose barnacles slowing down the voyage.

“Lehtinen is an example of perseverance and the determination and grit typical of Finns. Even more important to us is the matters he promotes, which we at Cinia also believe in. A prosperous environment is one of the themes of Cinia’s sustainability development program, and we want to be involved in helping Lehtinen work for a better future,” says Cinia’s CEO Ari-Jussi Knaapila.

The change in the seas stirred into action

Lehtinen, who sailed around the world for the first time in 1981, has seen the pollution of the seas and climate change with his own eyes. He wants to help halt climate change, preserve biodiversity, and protect the seas. During his last sailing race, Lehtinen had 322 days to contemplate the world, and after the outcome of the race was settled, there was no need to stress about his placing.

“During the voyage, I saw the dramatic change that has taken place in the seas during the last forty years. There are significantly fewer birds, marine mammals, and whales. This is the result of the plunge in the number of fish. The main reasons behind this are the acidification of the seas caused by climate change and uncontrolled excessive fishing,” Lehtinen says.

This time, Lehtinen will embark on the sail inspired by a fresh coat of paint and new goals. In the forthcoming races, he wants to raise concern about the state of the ocean and climate and offer solutions to improve the situation.


“I wanted to partner up with companies that, in one way or another, provide solutions on the path toward a carbon-neutral circular economy society. I’m happy to have Cinia as my partner, as making use of the full potential of digitalization and continuously searching for new, innovative solutions free up a huge amount of resources and eliminate environmentally harmful processes,” Lehtinen says. 


Cinia supports the fight for the environment

In its corporate responsibility work, Cinia is currently focusing particularly on operating in an environmentally sustainable manner, which is why it partnered up with Lehtinen. Cinia’s own operations also promote low-emission and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Cinia develops solutions that, for example, reduce the need for traveling and traffic emissions. Cinia’s software, cyber security, and data network services can also make society’s operations more environmentally friendly through, for example, solutions that improve the efficiency of logistics and technology choices that take into account the environmental impact.


“Thinking back to Lehtinen’s last voyage, one could say that we eliminate digital goose barnacles to ensure that the critical services our customers and society need run smoothly,” Knaapila says. 

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