2/28/22 3:15 PM

Russian invasion of Ukraine - impact on Cinia’s operations

Cinia is monitoring the international situation closely and is committed to complying with and acting according to international instructions. Cinia is following the progress of the crisis and development of the instructions issued by the authorities and is prepared to react to changing situations with increased preparedness.

Cinia places a high priority on the safety of its personnel and operations and the reliability of the provided services.

For the time being, Russia’s military operations in Ukraine do not have any direct impacts on Cinia’s operations, services produced for Cinia’s clients or provided client network connections.

Cinia complies with the sanctions and business restrictions imposed nationally and by the EU. Cinia will not impose its own restrictions or other independent measures without a request from the authorities; potential sector-specific sanctions and restrictions will be planned by the authorities while takin into account the international situation.

Cinia has also taken into account the national recommendation to pay special attention to the monitoring of cyber security: the tense security policy situation increases the treat of cyber attacks against Finland’s critical infrastructure, and Cinia has increased its preparedness in relation to cyber security monitoring.

Henri Kronlund, Chief Revenue Officer, Cinia Oy, puh. +358 50 494 4455, henri.kronlund(at)cinia.fi