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Capacity Services

Cinia cWave is a reliable connectivity service that enables high capacity and low latency to support demanding requirements of different business environments. Cinia cWave builds on Cinia fiber optic network, latest DWDM technology and strategic partnerships.

Cinia cWave connectivity service

  • 1 G to 100G guaranteed bandwidth
  • Enables point-to-point connectivity between corporate sites
  • Multiple different customer interfaces supported
  • Multiple protection mechanisms available (MSP 1+1, SNC/P, rerouting, ASON)
  • Customer specific routing options
  • SLA, various SLA levels
  • Cinia service desk 24/7/365 suppor

Cinia network

  • Cinia domestic network covers all major cities in Finland
  • 10 000 km of fiber infrastructure in Finland
  • 3 000 km planned network extension
  • Customer specific networks
  • Multiple interconnects at the Finnish Russian border and interconnect at the Swedish border
  • Reliable international network partners

Network Map


Network delay, RTD - Round Trip Delay table

Cinian cWave technical features

cWave builds on Cinia modern fiber optic network using the latest DWDM technology. The total network capacity scales up to 15 Tbit/s and supports capacity services from 1 G to 100 G. Capacity service platform provides different protection options from traditional to more advanced options. Newest technology enables speedy delivery and the most advanced functionalities of wavelengths services.


Available capacities and supported interfaces

Additional Services

Cinia cWave capacity service provides following additional service options.

Spectrum of wavelength

  • ​n X 50 Ghz or n X 37,5 Gh
  • Native optical interface with protocol, interface and capacity transparency

Encrypted cWave capacity service

  • Enables encryption of point-to-point connections (FE/GE/10GE/FC100/FC200/FC400/FC800/FC1200)
  • Applies AES-256 encryption
  • Encryption key management by the Customer

Cinia service desk awarded as the best in Finland

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