Cinia cEye

Services and infrastructure in a single solution

The Cinia cEye monitoring solution is the result of Cinia’s own product development. We are constantly developing the solution in line with the needs raised by our customers. Customer orientation, ease of use, holistic approach and continuous development are cornerstones of our service development.

Customer Orientation as the Cornerstone

Ease of Use - Allowing you to concentrate on the Essential

We help you in implementing and utilising the service as part of your quality management process. Practices regarding follow-up meetings and reporting can be added to the service. Close cooperation allows us to help you and to obtain valuable information on how our service should be developed.

Digital services are increasingly used irrespective of time and place, which also poses its own challenges. When the entirety can be monitored by using a single solution, the identification and diagnosis of faults is considerably easier.

Ease of use is a major element in our ideology. You do not have to be a monitoring expert – we are. You also do not have to find out how to install and maintain the monitoring system. We do all that for you, while you can concentrate on more productive tasks.


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A Solution for Monitoring Your Entire IT Environment

You can use a single solution to monitor your entire IT environment from individual infrastructure devices to the availability of digital services in internal and external networks.

Today digital services are increasingly being developed by using microservice architectures and various cloud platforms are utilised for their development and production. Digital environments are becoming increasingly varied and also, to some extent, more complex. Visibility of the availability of services and the factors associated with their production has become more important than ever.

Adaptability to Customer Needs

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The IT solutions associated with the production of digital services are constantly evolving, and monitoring must keep up with this development. Our customer-oriented operation allows the service to be developed in line with the needs indicated by the customer. We are capable of responding to different customer needs rapidly and in a versatile manner.

Suitable for Different User Groups

Benefits of the Cinia cEye solution

  • A solution of Cinia’s own development that adapts to the customer’s needs
  • Good visibility of the status of IT environment and digital services in internal and external networks
  • Detects problem areas and helps you quickly restore the quality of services.
  • The solution can be integrated to other systems and, thus, utilised more extensively in the operations
  • The solution is suitable for experts, customer service, IT management and business operations
  • It develops and grows with your evolving needs

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