Cinia cLog

A tool for collecting and analysing the logs produced by your systems

Unexplainable events can sometimes occur in your IT system. Do you ask yourself “What?”, “When?”, “Why?”, “Where from”, “Where to?” and “Who?”. Cinia cLog, log management helps you to find answers to those questions and get understanding of what is actually happening in your IT systems. The log management solution is an efficient way to monitor the current status of your environment – and past events can also be investigated.

Log Management for Everyday Challenges

Log management is nowadays considered increasingly important. This is partly due to the guidelines by authoratives (VAHTI and KATAKRI in Finland). The new EU data protection legislation as well as various requirement specifications and audits – log management must support those rules.

Log management together with monitoring solution provides you an efficient tool to explore and analyse the events in your IT environment. Nearly all devices from network to applications can accumulate logs. Cinia cLog collects all logs and provide status information, notify events and possible deviations. 

Right Solution to Your Needs

The Cinia cLog log management solution is based on open source tools. Our solution includes the supply of a centralised log management system. The implementation of the solution is easy. It will be done together with help of Cinia`s expert who will guide you through whole process. We supply a genuine solution for log management - not only a tool.

Cinia cLog brings the logs of all devices under the same user interface, making information easier and quicker to find. You can easily search for events, errors and deviations from several different log sources at the same time.

Cinia cLog, log management can be integrated with the Cinia cEye monitoring solution. Together they provide a holistic view of your IT environment. 

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