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Cinia’s cloud services offer much more than just a data center. The data center is a unique service package that meets all the current needs. Technically, it could be described as a secure hybrid data center solution which combines the best elements of a private and public cloud.
In other words, this means a modern, secure and monitored homebase for the company’s most significant asset – data. We are not selling just bits and capacity, but a secure, comprehensive solution with superior service and customer support.
cinia-icon-tietoverkkoratkaisut-white-11@1x Cinia’s SIEM service

The SIEM service included in the service collects, saves and utilizes the event data of the monitored system and environment, and automatically generates alerts.

cinia-icon-ohjelmistoratkaisut-white-07@1x Backup service

The service package includes a backup service, which ensures, for example, archiving and rapid restoration of files, as default.

cinia-icon-kyberturvallisuusratkaisut-white-10@1x Information security on multiple layers

In addition, you will receive a multi-layer information security package, which would be a huge investment if it were built in your own data center.

Reasons for choosing our secure cloud service

  • Effortlessness of the service package and monthly invoicing
  • Innovative and efficient solutions
  • To be customized to meet your needs – also during the contract term
  • A unique service package, includes everything you need
  • It is easier to manage and develop a package acquired from a single provider
  • In exceptional circumstances, our experts will automatically start looking for a solution for the problem
  • No annual license or device acquisitions nor surprising costs
  • Real-time and effective automatic monitoring – no manual server checks or manual updates
  • Our certified and experienced experts ensure the functionality of the systems and are available 24/7, if necessary.

Together, these create significant added value for a cloud service when compared with traditional data center services.

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