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As applications and platforms switch to cloud-based solutions, there is a growing need for high performance, reliability, and security in network connections. Therefore, realiable, low-latency, direct connections into cloud services play a key role in business competitiveness. Many national and international cloud service and content providers demand a more robust network capacity as service platforms and applications in different countries are brought together and closer to their users.
When every millisecond counts

Excellent connections into the most important data hubs in Europe

We offer excellent connections to the most important European interconnection hubs. We are a network partner to several cloud service providers in Northern Europe and around the Baltic Sea region.

Our comprehensive connection services and versatile route options into Europe provide both Finnish and European clients with new business opportunities. At the same time, we also provide reliable connections to the growing digital services markets in Russia and the Baltic countries.

Our expertise and flexibility enable fulfilling customers’ demanding network requirements. We plan, build and deliver customer connections cost-effectively and within agreed timetable. Our customers are supported 24/7 by our awarded Service Desk.

  • Reach some of the most interesting marketplaces with the lowest latency – every millisecond counts.
  • Build your own highway to the public clouds and be one step ahead.
  • Connect your business locations with enterprise grade connectivity services.
  • Centralize your critical resources and operations efficiently with high speed DC to DC connectivity.
  • Design the route diversity of your backbone network with carrier grade bandwidth and optimal routing options

Cinia Network – Backbone for Your Digital Success Stories

Cinia Network

Cinia network builds on the newest technology and meets capacity needs of the most demanding requirements set for various networks. Cinia network through C-Lion1 subsea cable provides direct, high-capacity connection from Finland to Northern Europe with the lowest possible latency. Cinia network is planned to expand connecting Europe to Asia with the future Far North Fiber submarine cable.

Cinia has a long experience of enabling fast and reliable connectivity services both within Finland and between Scandinavia and Central Europe. Cinia’s 17 000-kilometre optical fibre network is expanding and evolving to serve the growing needs of our customers.

Network coverage in Sweden, Norway and Denmark through Easy Fibre partnership. 


Fast and Reliable Connectivity Services


Capacity Services

Our scalable capacity services meet the most demanding needs in different environments.

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Fiber Pairs

Cinia fiber optic cables meet the high level standards of the most demanding partners and customers.

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Connections to Europe and all the way to Asia

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