We build digital success stories

Global economy runs on efficient data networks and increasingly intelligent software solutions. Fast connectivity, reliable information systems and secure data vaults are the core building blocks of the digital world.

Founded in 2015 and based in Finland, Cinia Ltd provides secure high-availability data network and software solutions. Our operations are based on our solid expertise in modern application development, data network technologies and critical operating environments.  By combining our services with services of our partners, we can provide reliable and comprehensive solutions that help our customers write their own digital success stories. 

Our mission is to make the world smaller, smarter, and more secure: we improve customer experience, automize and modernize processes, eliminate geographical distances and ensure the reliability of critical operations.  

Our clientele includes Finnish and international businesses and crucially important governmental organizations. Our major shareholders and investors are finnish government, Ilmarinen, and OP Financial Group.

Cinia’s key strength in solution and software development is the uncompromised focus on robustness, reliability and security in everything we do.

Our experts are responsible for the design and development, flawless operation and continuous improvement of our clients’ systems. Our solutions for industrial internet bring the products and services of forward-looking organizations securely into the digital age.

Cinia plays a key role in enabling digital business operations for both Finnish and international organizations.

Cinia owns and operates roughly 15.000 kilometers of fiber optic trunk network in Northern Europe. International connections to Central Europe are routed through the high capacity Cinia C-Lion1 submarine cable, launched in 2016. Thanks to the direct connection, Cinia’s Northern Digital Highway transmits data from Helsinki to Frankfurt and back in just 19,7 milliseconds.

Fast, secure and reliable data connections provide international organizations with the shortest and fastest data link from Central European network hubs to Northern Europe, which is both an ideal data center environment and a natural gateway to Asian and Eastern European markets. Operations based in Finland benefit from an efficient platform for real-time global business.

The world is smaller and smarter than ever before. Where are you headed?