Owners and holdings of Cinia Ltd

Shareholder %
State of Finland (through Ministry of Transport and Communications) 77,528 %
Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company 11,236 %
OP Insurance Ltd 11,236 %
Total 100,00 %


General Information about the Company

Cinia is a Finnish data communications and information technology conglomerate providing a network and software services. Cinia acts as a telecommunications operator and produces wide range of IT expert and connectivity services, as well as development services for IT-intensive systems and software. Cinia operates its own telecommunications networks and networks owned by its customers. As a rule, Cinia’s customers are socially important service providers.


The group consists of the parent company Cinia Oy and three subsidiaries owned by the parent company: C-Lion1 Oy, Cinia Cloud GmbH and Netplaza Oy. 

Cinia operates in the Finnish and international connectivity and telecommunications operator markets, as well as in the software and software solution services markets. Competition on the market is fierce and technology and services are changing rapidly.