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Owners of Cinia Ltd are

  • State of Finland 77,528 %
  • Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company 11,236 %
  • OP Insurance Ltd 5,618 %
  • OP Pension Fund 5,618 %


Cinia is a Finnish data communications and IT conglomerate that offers network, software and cloud services. Cinia acts as a telecommunications operator and produces diverse IT expert and connection services, as well as development services for IT intensive systems and software. Cinia operates its own communications networks or those owned by its customers.

To simplify the structure and administration of the Cinia Group and to improve efficiency, the Boards of Directors and shareholders of Cinia Group Ltd, Cinia Cloud Ltd and Cinia One Ltd decided to merge so that Cinia One Ltd and Cinia Cloud Ltd (as merging companies) merged into Cinia Group Ltd (as the receiving company) on 31 December 2017. Directly before the aforementioned merger, another merger was also carried out within the Cinia Group, whereby Cinia Solutions Ltd, a company belonging to the Cinia Group, merged in Cinia One Ltd, a subsidiary of Cinia Group Ltd, in the form of a subsidiary merger as defined in the Limited Liability Companies Act. Notifications of subsidiary merger plans were registered in the Trade Register on 27 August 2017.


The parent company Cinia Group Ltd changed its name to Cinia Ltd on 1 January 2018.

According to the decision issued by the ministerial Committee on Economic policy on 6 June 2017, Cinia Group Ltd transferred from the ownership of Governia Oy under the direct ownership of the state in August 2017, and the Government ownership steering of Cinia Group Ltd transferred to the ministry of Transport and Communications starting from 1 September 2017. In addition to the state, Cinia's shareholders are Ilmarinen and OP Group.

Cinia Group Ltd's shareholders and shareholding after the change of ownership (starting from 1 September 2017): State of Finland, c/o Ministry of Transport and Communications: 77.528%; Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company: 11.236%; OP Insurance Ltd: 5,618%; and OP Pension Fund: 5.618%.

Notifications of subsidiary merger plans were registered in the Trade Register on 27 August 2017 and the closing accounts of the companies were prepared on 27 march 2018.