Responsibility at Cinia

Responsibility as part of daily operations

Our most important missions are the diversification of the Finnish international data connections, the improvement of cyber security, and the development of digitalization solutions that will help especially operators providing essential national services. Responsibility is part of our daily operations: leadership, development, and our customer solutions.

Sustainability Development Program

The objectives of our sustainable development program are best supported with our expertise, services, and products.

A healthy staff

The well-being of our staff is important to us. The company has identified the mental and physical vitality of its personnel and the development of well-being through trust and appreciation as a key development area for its operation in 2020–2023.

This is made possible through sports and culture support, extensive medical insurance, the possibility to improve one’s competences and occupational skills, and the modern equipment and workspaces we provide.

  • Health and vitality are central to our operating model on the company level.
  • We work to improve well-being and job satisfaction at the workplace in order to increase our staff’s health and vitality.
  • We provide our staff and supervisors with means to tackle the challenges of workplace fatigue at the earliest possible stage.
  • We encourage our staff to exercise and participate in activities together
  • Our goal is to keep our sick leave percentage below the sector average.

A prosperous environment

We work in a sector where environmental responsibility is highly regarded. We find it important to conduct our business in a manner that is environmentally sustainable. We consider energy efficiency and environmental values in all our operations, business decisions, and acquisitions. Electricity consumption is pivotal in making environmental judgments in our sector. Carbon-neutrally produced electricity is a guiding criterion in choosing our electricity suppliers.

Energy-efficiency is also important from the economic standpoint of business. Energy-efficiency is one of the main criteria when choosing Cinia’s equipment suppliers. For example, the correct identification of hazardous waste and its further processing are essential when renewing old equipment.
We have a service contract for the appropriate collection and processing of electric and electronic waste with a partner who ensures that the waste is properly treated. At Cinia, waste amount and composition have been systematically monitored since 2015.

  • Considering energy efficiency and environmental values in our operations, business decisions, and acquisitions.
  • Considering environmental viewpoints and the principles of sustainable growth in our competitive tendering and acquisitions.
  • Improving energy efficiency in our IT areas and transmission systems.
  • Creating and developing a responsible environmental program.

A lively social infrastructure

Here at Cinia, working to improve cyber security and the security of services and operations is integral to fulfilling our social responsibility and reaching our operational goals.

The customer is at the heart of our operations. A large portion of our clientele demands special and high-security solutions. Therefore, a high level of security, especially cyber security, is needed both in our internal operation and the services we provide. As an example, we provide our staff and subcontractors with regular security training.

Cinia currently has three valid third-party safety audits:

  • A certificate of facility security clearance from the Finnish Defence Forces as a testament of the ability to handle official confidential data following Katakri requirements.
  • The Finnish Cyber Security Certificate (FINCSC) as a testament of a high level of cyber security.
  • The internationally recognized security management system ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate.