1/22/20 10:00 AM

Cinia’s customer satisfaction improves on last year’s top rating

The rising trend in Cinia’s customer satisfaction and customers’ willingness to recommend the company continues. Last year’s results of the customer survey conducted annually by Taloustutkimus were excellent, but the new results show that listening closely to our customers has improved results even more.

Cinia regularly measures customer satisfaction to develop its service and project operations. The results of a recent customer survey show the shared successes of all our staff. In 2019, the development in customer satisfaction was positive in all areas measured in the study. In particular the recommendation rate (net promoter score, NPS) took a leap upwards and is now 56 – higher than ever before. Based on the NPS result, Cinia is among the top five percent of B2B companies in the Taloustutkimus Oy database comparison. The result of the customer satisfaction index (CSI) is also at a record high of 91. The index shows the share of all customer respondents that were completely satisfied and very satisfied.

The results follow the same trend as before. Customer satisfaction and our customers’ readiness to recommend Cinia have been improving steadily for several years. Customers experience Cinia as a customer-oriented and reliable partner, and collaboration is straightforward and easy. Reliability, quality and the expertise of Cinia personnel are appreciated, which also increases the readiness to recommend the company.

"The excellent recommendation rate and high level of customer satisfaction tell us that our service is considered to be of extremely high quality in our customer community. The grades given in the study show that our work in the pursuit of a consistently high level of service is paying off", says Cinia CEO Ari-Jussi Knaapila.

Customer satisfaction is also reflected in customer loyalty: Most of respondents to the survey say that they will continue to work with Cinia in the future. Although the results are superb, a lot of work is required to maintain the quality, and investment in customer work is increasingly needed in the future.

"Part of our company culture is that all our staff have the authority and duty to make decisions and create solutions in the exceptional situations they come across in their day-to-day work to ensure that the service level expected by our customers is met. I am particularly pleased that we are doing an even better job this year", Knaapila says.

This is the sixth such research by Taloustutkimus Oy, and was conducted via telephone interviews. The study was based on the Corporate 360° customer research concept to determine how satisfied customers are in the different areas of business operations and the significance of these for overall satisfaction with a company.

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