6/29/20 10:00 AM

Cinia is now an AWS Direct Connect Service Delivery partner

Cloud services play a key role in cost-efficient ICT services and agile working. As an AWS partner, Cinia has provided AWS Direct Connect connections since 2017 as part of the Cinia cMatrix cloud connectivity service.

Now, Cinia has been promoted to a new AWS Direct Connect Service Delivery partner. Service Delivery partners are required to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in delivering AWS solutions to customers.

With this achievement, we have strengthened our role as a cloud connectivity service partner, providing even more versatile cloud connections to our customers. Currently, there are only a handful of AWS Direct Connect Service Delivery partners in Finland, and Cinia is the first Finnish company to join the program.

For our customers, this will mean faster connections and the availability of high-capacity (1–10 Gbit/s) hosted connections required by Transit Gateway. We will be able to offer cost-efficient, high-capacity connections and flexible solutions tailored to each customer’s needs in larger environments, too.

Transit Gateway allows replacing several separate Direct Connect connections with a single connection of at least 1 Gbit/s. This simplifies administration and generates savings, especially if you are using several AWS accounts or virtual private clouds (VPC). Bandwidth usage is more efficient and flexible when different cloud resources are sharing single Direct Connect capacity.

The Cinia cMatrix cloud connectivity service provides our customers with a direct connection to the AWS cloud service, bypassing the public network with Cinia’s fast international backbone network and the AWS Direct Connect service. Benefits for our customers include lower AWS data transfer fees, improved data security and the optimised performance and service-level warranty offered by Cinia’s backbone network.

AWS Direct Connection is a cloud connectivity service known for its reliable performance, agility and scalability. The service brings significant benefits, including a globally uniform user experience and cost savings in contrast to Internet-based cloud connections.

Additional information:

Jari Rautiainen, Product Manager, Cinia Ltd., tel. +358 40 862 6946, jari.rautiainen(at)cinia.fi