Cyber Security demands preparedness, detection and continuity management 24/7

Digital services and networks have become a key part of our daily operations. Majority of our daily activities depend on functions of a digital infrastructure. A safe and secure ICT infrastructure seems to be a matter of course. Preparing for malfunctions and service interruptions are not be taken into account in a large context, although the ongoing global digitalization increases and changes cyber threats continuously.

Know Your Cyber Risk and Prepare

Defending and protecting against cyber threats is a cornerstone for today's successful business. Protection against serious and advanced cyber security threats requires preparation, response and recovery capabilities. That is not only ensured by the acquisition of technology, but also by developing the expertise of the personnel, as well as processes and best practices.

In a preparing phase, an organization must identify risks and prepare for them accordingly. Security controls and monitoring capabilities of ICT systems must be built up adequately and, continuous threat analysis and vulnerability management must be implemented.

Monitor and Detect in Real Time

From a Service Strategy to Protection

The key to preparedness and protection is the ability to monitor and observe ICT infrastructure extensively and, on all layers end-to-end. This means real-time detection capability for both end devices and servers as well as for network devices. The goal is to identify abnormal events by temporally and regionally correlating all data collected from different parts and layers of the network.

It is also essential to ensure that cyber security is taken into account and invested in at all stages of the service life cycle; from a service strategy to design, and from deployment and delivery to 24/7 production.

Solutions and Services for Business

Cinia offers cyber security services and solutions for various stages of business and service production. Our services are based on a flexible, customized service package for each of our customers.

We have experience from customers in many different industries.

  • Media and Finance
  • Mobile Operators
  • Internet Service Providers and Brokers
  • Government Agencies
  • Transportation and Logistics

Our Services for Cyber Security

  • cSOC - Cyber Security Monitoring and Detection 24/7
  • cFirewall– Firewall Management
  • cProtect – DoS Protection
  • cVPN2 - Secured Network Connections

Cinia has been awarded several certificates and clearances concerning corporate security.
Learn more about Cinia´s Security Certificates.

Are you thinking of developing cyber security capabilities? Contact us, we are more than happy to help you.

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