Cyber Security Monitoring and Detection 24/7

Cinia cSOC – Cyber Security Monitoring and Detection 24/7

The Cinia cSOC Service enables detection and prevention of cyber threats and attacks in a customer’s ICT environment. The capability of Cinia cSOC Service consists of detecting cyber security events and incidents, incident response, managing cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and managing information security systems.


Cinia's high-skilled Security Operations Center (SOC) experts help customers identify, prevent, and resolve cyber security events and disruptions quickly and efficiently, thereby ensuring business continuity and system recovery.

The Cinia cSOC Service is made up of skilled personnel, efficient and appropriate processes and procedures, and modern cybersecurity technology.

The Cinia cSOC Service consists of the following components

  • Situational Awareness and Real-Time Detection - Situational awareness is provided by collecting log and event information from different sources of systems and components in the monitored customer environment. Log information is analyzed and correlated to detect anomaly events and behavior. Based on the analysis, the overall picture of the cyber security situation of the digital environment is created.
  • Event Analysis and Coordination - The detected incidents are analyzed to determine what has happened and how to eliminate or minimize the disruptions caused by the event.
  • Incident Management and Incident - Response includes all actions that are taken by Cinia SOC to eliminate disruption and ensure business continuity. Incident management may include the design and implementation of technical remedies, as well as the coordination and communication of third-party actions.
  • Threat Monitoring - Threat monitoring aims to collect, analyze and share cyber threat information. We collect threat information from open and commercial sources and through our partners. Based on the analysis, threat information can be enriched and modified. Threat information is delivered to infrastructure security sensors and devices to further improve detection capabilities.
  • Reporting - We inform the customer about the events as agreed and report the cyber situation continuously and regularly. The customer has access to the Cinia Customer Portal for a real-time situational picture and contacting Cinia SOC.
  • Additional Services - The cSOC monitoring and management service can be reinforced by other available cyber security services.


As a starting point, we take into account the high requirements of the customer's business environment

  • High Reliability
  • Adaption for business needs
  • Flexibility and scalability of services
  • Cost-effectiveness and reporting
  • Transparency of operations and 24/7 processes

Cinia's cSOC Service helps you create situational awareness of the cyber threats and vulnerabilities in your business environment 24/7.

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