Firewall Management

Cinia cFirewall - Firewall Management

Cinia's cFirewall Service enables the implementation of a modern, high-performance and reliable firewall environment for the needs of a customer and the delivery of the firewall environment into a managed service. We produce the firewall management service 24/7.

The cFirewall Service is an overall service including active firewall devices, a delivery project, and a management service. The firewall management service can also be produced for the customer’s existing firewalls.

Benefits of Cinia cFirewall Service

  • With Cinia cFirewall, you can focus on your core business. Cinia takes care of your firewall environment, related technology choices, and equipment investments.
  • Minimizing Risks - Get access to a significant pool of competent experts and the best processes and technology.
  • Support for business development - Cinia guarantees the continuous development of the firewall environment with strong experience and technology expertise.
  • For your convenience, you will have a professional partner, who designs, builds and operates firewall environments on business terms.
  • We provide you with up-to-date documentation and a situational awareness of the firewall environment and its functionality.
  • We produce advanced 24/7 monitoring, management and troubleshooting for the firewall environment.

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Account Manager, Connectivity Services
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Sales Director, Connectivity Services
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Business Manager, Connectivity Services
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