Mitigating Denial-of-service (DoS) Attacks

Cinia cProtect – Mitigating Denial-of-service (DoS) Attacks

The Cinia cProtect Service aims to identify Denial-of-Service attacks on Internet traffic and reduce their impact on services running behind the Internet interface.

Cinia cProtect provides the following benefits

  • Service monitors, detects and prevents Denial-of-Service attacks on services that appear over the Internet
  • Reduced impact of a Denial-of-Service attack on the service being attacked
  • Reduced the impact of Denial-of-Service attacks on other services visible through the Internet interface
  • We monitor, respond and support customers 24/7.


Cinia cProtect Service consists of the following components

  • Monitoring - The service is based on the monitoring of customer’s traffic volume and profile.
  • Analysis - Based on monitored data, we analyze what kind of Denial-of-Service attack is likely to begin. The analyzer identifies the most commonly used attack types based on collected data.
  • Response - The traffic analyzer generates an alert for the Cinian Service Desk. When necessary, you can directly contact with Cinian Service Desk if you suspect a Denial-of-Service attack.
  • Prevention - We provide necessary counter measures, including:
    • Automatic or manual traffic rerouting to a filtering system. The system filters harmful traffic and forwards normal traffic.
    • Traffic filtering or volume limitation.
  • Informing - We inform the customer about the attack in accordance with pre-agreed methods and procedures.
  • Reporting - All DoS attacks are reported to the customer.

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