We secure your business and operations ­24/7

Cinia provides world-class cyber security solutions. We protect your critical data in ICT and OT environments including endpoints, network devices, data centers, applications and cloud services. Continuous anomaly detection, threat intelligence and elimination and rapid response are key capabilities to manage cyber security of digital infrastructures and services.

Advanced Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC)

We detect the threat, react quickly and secure your operations.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Modern technologies, know-how and processes to support your business.

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Security Information Event Management Systems (SIEM)

State of the art SIEM technologies and professionals at you service.

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Secure Cloud Services

We combine the strengths of Cloud Services to our local resources. 

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Continuous Cyber Security Services

We ensure that you business data is kept in safe.

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Cyber Security Reviews and Evaluations

We ensure that your business continues and is able to counter cyber attacks. 

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Cyber security - a critical part of digitalization.

Secure your digital operating environment

Our everyday lives depend on digital services. The critical functions of our society that assist us daily also depend on digital systems and infrastructures. That’s why it’s important to look after cyber security broadly.

It’s all about the ability to react

Increasing amounts of data are stored in the cloud and digital services are at the core of our everyday lives. The cyber threats threatening the basic functions of our society are constantly growing and evolving. We detect the risks and know the best persons and technology to eliminate them. In the event of a cyber security deviation, the ability to react and take the necessary measures is crucial. At Cinia, security is an integral element of our operations and range of services. 

Certified service. Check out our safety certificates.


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